Canon Pixma Ts8320 Wireless Setup

To know how to set up your Canon Pixma TS8320 printer using the Easy Wireless Connect setup method, read the simple, quick steps given below and proceed with the same.

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First, enable the Easy Wireless Connect option on your Canon printer

Canon Pixma Wireless Setup
  • Switch on your Canon Pixma TS8320 printer.
  • Touch the Wireless Connect icon.
  • Tap the Yes button when the Connect to a computer or smartphone etc. Please confirm message is displayed on your Canon printer’s screen.
  • Now, open the Canon Pixma TS8320 printer driver on your system.
  • As soon as you open the driver file Starting to install the helper tool. Helper tool is necessary for the setup operation message will appear.
  • If you are installing the Canon Pixma TS8320 Wireless Setup driver on your Mac system, then you will be prompted to enter its security key in the given field to continue the installation.
  • After entering your Mac system’s security key in the given field, click the Install Helper button.
  • Click the Start Setup button, followed by Next.
  • Accept the License Agreement displayed on the screen by clicking the Yes button followed by Agree.
  • Select the connection type when prompted and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Once the connection is set up, the Connection Completed message will appear on the installation wizard.
  • Click the Add Printer button and select your Canon printer from the displayed printers list.
  • Finish the driver installation by performing the instructions displayed on your Windows system.
  • While installing the Canon Pixma TS8320 printer driver on the Mac system, you will be prompted to click the Continue Online button to complete the remaining set of the installation.
  • Finally, try to perform a test print to check the printer functions.
  • For remote assistance in Canon Pixma Ts8320 Wireless Setup, contact our technical support team.